SEO4® Technical

Create the best starting point with a website that lives up to today's standard

The technical part of SEO, called “Holistic SEO” does not really belong to the SEO category.

Still, the technical setup of your website has an impact on your SEO, which is why it is called technical SEO. SEO4 makes it a matter of course from the start to have a strong foundation, in order to minimize the technical maintenance afterwards.

How crawlers and bots read your website depends on the technical setup. There are so many ways to make websites. Still, there is a standard. However, this is rarely followed 100%. In addition, the standard changes over time, so it is not a success criterion to be 100% correct. But continuously stay “As accurate as possible”. This is also the reason why many change website often. It is easier to start over with the new technology and standard, than it is to maintain and update the old one.

“It is expensive to maintain a horse-drawn carriage in a modern world.”

Technical Conclusion - a stable foundation!

Therefore .. If the technical part of the website is made correctly from the start, the technical part of SEO does not fill anything in the ongoing SEO Work. By changing website (Design on your WordPress) once a year or every 2-3 years, you ensure regular updates of standards, provided the new theme complies with the standards.

Technical Value

In order to make search optimization, about 300 parameters determines how you can make your site more “SEO friendly”, in other words, add value.

Structured Deeplinks

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