Meta Tags & Open Graph

Meta Tags have both a technical parameter and a content parameter. In many cases it will be built into your CMS system and therefore you technically do not have to think about anything once it is made. In the other hand, Meta Tags are some of the most important Content you can create & maintain. It is also your Metatags that determine what appears on Google in searches.

How to use Meta Tags & Open Graph

Meta tags describe your URL to crawler bots from search engines. Or is it? The technical Meta part is of course for the bots and the browser. But the text you fill in is important for the indexing of your URL. It can strictly be considered an H0 headline with a paragraph. In other words, the most important headline on the page.

What is Open Graph?

Open Graph is part of Meta Tags and they make your URL shareable on Social Media. By predetermining what is to be displayed. Title, description and image. They are all basically the same, but some of them also have their own, where you e.g. associate Twitter username with the URL. Remember! The more Meta Tags you make. The more Meta Tags you need to maintain. It is better to have something that is maintained and relevant.