Technical SEO4

The technical part of SEO does not really belong to the SEO category. Still, the technical setup of your website has an impact on your SEO, which is why it is called technical SEO. How crawlers and bots read your website depends on the technical setup. There are so many ways to make websites. Still, there is a standard. However, this is rarely followed 100%. In addition, the standard changes over time, so it is not a success criterion to be 100% correct. But continuously stay “As accurate as possible”. This is also the reason why many change website often. It is easier to start over with the new technology and standard, than it is to maintain and update the old one.

Therefore .. If the technical part of the website is made correctly, the technical part of SEO does not fill anything in the ongoing SEO Work. By changing website (Design on your wordpress) once a year or every 2 years, you ensure regular updating of standards, provided the new theme complies with the standards.

Technical SEO Best practice

We recommend that you use W3C web standards when developing your website.

Google says about Technical SEO

Just by taking a Google Website speed test, we get some information about what Google wants us to do technically.

  • Consider using a plugin or service that will automatically convert your uploaded images to the optimal formats. (See plugins)
  • There are a number of WordPress plugins that can help you inline critical assets or defer less important resources. Beware that optimizations provided by these plugins may break features of your theme or plugins, so you will likely need to make code changes. (See plugins)

WordPress with themes & plugins helps you with technical SEO

If you do not develop websites yourself, we recommend that you use WordPress to create your website. Google itself finds that WordPress meets many of these criteria and recommends via a Speed test which plugins can possibly help you with which tasks.

Some of the benefits of using wordpress

  • Free to use and open-source 
  • The system is always updated (automatically)
  • There are many questionable plugins. But by using updated standard plugins you are well secured.
  • The themes are also of different quality. Here it is important to choose a theme that is close to the W3C standard. Just as it is important that the theme is regularly maintained and updated by its creators.
  • When it’s time to update, you can simply change the theme and delete outdated plugins.