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SEO4® WP Plugins

Contribution to the community

SEO4® Plugins for WordPress

Alle these WordPress Plugins is contributed by the community of SEO4.
Just upload the .zip file to Plugins in the WP-admin menu when logged in.

SEO4® Common Content

Use [post_title] in every post/page to load the pagetitel inside the content. Useful for making deeplinks with the 'SEO4 CommonContent Concept'


These themes are made with SpaceGrid from SpaceSuit where SEO4 fits perfect.
Also possible to use Elementor content.

WordPress with themes & plugins helps you with technical SEO

If you do not develop websites yourself, we recommend that you use WordPress to create your website. Google itself finds that WordPress meets many of these criteria and recommends via a Speed test which plugins can possibly help you with which tasks.

Some of the benefits of using wordpress

  • Free to use and open-source 
  • The system is always updated (automatically)
  • There are many questionable plugins. But by using updated standard plugins you are well secured.
  • The themes are also of different quality. Here it is important to choose a theme that is close to the W3C standard. Just as it is important that the theme is regularly maintained and updated by its creators.
  • When it’s time to update, you can simply change the theme and delete outdated plugins.